Jun 172010

Despite how frequently this term is bandied about I am convinced that most people don’t really understand what a Unique Selling Proposition is.

I recommend to anyone that is interested in marketing or sales to read “Monopolize Your Marketplace” by Richard Hershaw. This is a fantastic book on marketing and how to tell your story in a compelling way.

If you have an elevator pitch, website, or any other marketing materials I would suggest you ask the following question of your selling proposition.

Could the competition make this same claim?

For example, the claim “We are the best XYZ company in Texas!” since there is not ultimate authority you will find many claiming they are the best. This claim is not a unique selling proposition as it is NOT unique.

Whatever the claim in your proposition it must be unique to you and something the competition can’t say. The way you do this is by talking about things that are specific to your business such as “Our clients average a 38% increase in revenues in the first 60 days under our program.

Make sure your selling proposition is unique.